Students' Guide

Terms of Access for the faculty

Faculty's entrance requirements:

A student is considered to be admitted after submitting a request before the beginning of the academic year, admission after that is not allowed unless if it was authorized by the faculty's council and according to the rules of the university's council

A student is admitted after completion of the requested papers and paying the requested fees, for each student there is a file that contains every document related to the student particularly:

1- The submitted papers to complete the admission.

2- A statement of the students' conditions and its date (admission, exams and their results).

3- A statement of the disciplinary sanctions assigned to the student.

4- Students' athletic, social and military activity aspects.

A special record is made for every student where statements of all the content of his file as well as the date of his graduation from the university and his work after graduation, there are two copies of the record one in the faculty while the other one is at the university.


Rewarding system:

for preparatory year students'

The award (L.E.)



The top 30 students of public high schools


The one who got total grades 80% or more at public high schools (excluding the above category)

For students' of higher years

The award (L.E.)



The obtainers of excellent estimate


The obtainers of a very good estimate

The Educational Military

* The formation of the department of military education at kafr el- Sheikh University was pursuant to the presidential decree number (129) of the year (2006) which stipulates the establishment of the University of Kafr El–sheikh as it gained independence from Tanta University. Military education is considered a basic subject for university students' to qualify them for the military life and developing the spirit of loyalty and belonging in them, and it is a prerequisite to attain the academic qualification, it is taught through short training courses (two weeks) to be held during the first semester holiday or during summer holiday it is also announced in advance at the faculties.

*the university calls upon its students enrolled in the preparatory year at faculty's without preparatory year to attend the military education course at the specified appointments for students of each faculty in order to avoid the delay in  graduation.