Personal Data:

Family Name


First Name

Ibrahim Mohamed

Marital Status

Married with Sons

Birth date


Place of birth




Permanent Address

Alexandria, Moharam Beck . 25 El-Rasafa Street

Present Position

Vice President of Post graduate studies and Research, Kafrelsheikh University



Home 034957079
Mobile 0125065526
Work 0473213751


Degrees Obtained






Vet.Med. /Cairo

Bachelor of Vet. Medicine



Vet.Med. /Cairo

Master of Vet.Med. in Food hygiene (Milk hygiene)



Vet.Med. /Cairo

Ph.D of Vet.Med. in Food hygiene (Milk hygiene)


The title of the master thesis is:-
Incidence and significance of fungi in some dairy products

The title of the Ph D thesis is:-
Fungal defects in cheese

Occupational History





Kafrelsheikh University

Vice President of Post graduate and Research Affair

From 2000
To 2006

Fac.Vet.Med. Kafrelsheikh. Tanta Univ.

Prof. and Head of foodhygiene Dept.
Vice Dean of Environment and Community Affairs

From 1995
To 2000

Fac.Vet.Med. Kafr- elsheikh. Tanta Univ.

Assistant Prof. of foodhygiene.

To 1995

Fac.Vet.Med. Kafrelsheikhl. Tanta Univ.

Lecturer of foodhygiene

From 1985
To 1991

Fac.Vet.Med. Beni-Suef. Cairo Univ.

Assistant Lecturer of foodhygiene

From 1982
To 1985

Fac.Vet.Med. Beni-Suef. Cairo Univ.

Demonstrator of foodhygiene

Visits abroad



Purpose of visits



27 July 1990

13 December

Milk hygiene Institute in Kiel. Germany

To do the Practical part of the Ph.D thesis (channel system)

27 September 1996

3 July 1996

Milk hygiene Institute in Kiel. Germany

A Scholarship from DAAD (Germany) to do scientific Research

27 August 1997

1st July 1997

Milk hygiene Institute in Kiel. Germany

A scholarship from Germany to do scientific Research

15 July
July 1998

6 July 1998

Milk hygiene Institute in Austria

Visiting Professor

Academic Activities

-Taught a number of courses at the graduate and undergraduate levels in colleges of Vet. Med. Kafrelsheikh, Elmansours, Alexandria, Beni-Suef
-Supervising around 20 Master and 15 Ph.D theses of graduate student
-Examiners of more than 20 Master and Ph.D theses and Qualifying examinations at Tanta, Alexandria, Elmansours, Beni-Suef, Cairo Universities
-Author and Co-author of more than 40 published research and working papers in the foodhygiene field.
-Leader of research team funded from Tanta Univ. under the title" Contamination of food of animal origin in El-Gharbia ans Kafrelsheikh Governorates
-Attending several conferences and workshops in the field of foodhygiene

Scientific Publications

1-Bluthgen, A., W. Schrader, I. Aman, W. Heeschen, G. Hahn (1990): Enzyme-immunological determination of aflatoxin B1 in feeding-stuff for dairy cattle. I.Development and evaluation of an ELISA with reactive beads as mobile phase. Kieler Milchwirtschaftliche Forschungsberichte 42(3)339-349.
2-Aman, I. S. Bayoumi(1991):Behaviour of aflatoxin B1 and M1 in cheese and yoghurt. Chemi. Mikrobiol. Technol. Lebensm. 13:7160-166
3-Aman, I.(1992):Reduction of aflatoxinM1 in milk using hydrogen peroxide and hydrogen plus heat treatment. J.Vet.Med. B39, 692-694
4-Nazem, A.M. and I. Aman (1994): Late-Gas problem in processed cheese. Vet.Med.J. Giza, Vol.42 No.1 : 107-109
5-Aman, I. (1994): Development of a new method for detection of AFM1 in cheese and yoghurt by Bead-ELIZA. Chem. Mikrobiol. Technol. Lebensm. 16(5/6), 184-186
6-Aman, I.; A.Bluthgen and W.Heeschen (1994): Improved Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay for Aflatoxin B1 in feedstuffs. Chem. Mikrobiol. Technol. Lebensm. 16(3/4), 73-75
7-Aman, I.(1995): Stability of aflatoxin M1 in milk samples (short communications). Chem. Mikrobiol. Technol. Lebensm. 17(5/6), 161.
8-Aman, I. and Ahlam Ellaboudy (1996): Risk factors associated with contamination of cheese by microorganisms in a cheese dairy plant. 7th Sci. Cong. 17-19 Nov. Fac.Vet.Med. Assiut Univ.
9-Aman, I. andH.F.Ahmed (1997)Incidence and survival of some food borne pathogens in milk and cheese. J. Egypt. Vet. Med. Ass. 57, 1 : 151-163
10-Aman, I.; and A. Bluthgen(1997): Occurrence of residues of organochlorine pesticides and polychlorinated biphenyls in milk and dairy products from Egypt . Milchwissenschaft 52, 7: 304-309.
11-Elhawary, I. and I. Aman (1998): Survival characteristics of E.coli O157:H7 in ice cream and yoghurt. 8th Sci. Cong. 15-17 Nov. Fac.Vet.Med. assiut Univ.
12-Aman, I. (1998): Aflatoxin M1 in liquid milks and imported infant milk powder: Its incidence and trials for its degradation. 8th Sci. Con. 1998, Fac. Vet. Med., Assiut University
13-Aman, I. ; Karin Knappstein, and G. Hahn (1998): Examination of verotoxin producing E.coli in some Egyptian dairy products with special reference to serotype O157:H7. milchwissenschaft 53, 12: 676-679.
14-Aman, I.; G.Hahn, and W,Heeschen (1998): Bacillus cereus: Its incidence in some Egyptian dairy products and its sensitivity towards nisin in reconstituted milk powder. 4th world cong. 7-12 june. Food borne infection and intoxication. Berlin, Germany.
15-Aman, I. (1999): Effect of lactoperoxidase-Thiocyanate-Hydrogen peroxide system on the shelf-life of raw milk and on E.coli O157:H7. Beni Suef Vet.Med. J. vol. 9, 3: 9-18.
16-Ahmed, H.F.; Azza, M. Deeb and I. Aman(2002): Studies on market hen eggs in Kafrelsheikh and Elgharbia Governorates. Vet.Med.J., 50, 4: 601-615.
17-Azza, M. Sobeih, \I. Alhawary and I. Aman(2004): Examination of table eggs for enterobacteriaceae in Kafrelsheikh and Elgharbia Governorates. Kfrelsheikh Vet. Med. J. vol.2 No. 1: 287-302
18-Alhawary, I. I.Aman and W.M. Elkasas (2005):Microbiological studies on fermented milks in Kafrelsheikh Governorate. Alex. J. Vet. Science, 23 (1) 1-11

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