Kafrelsheikh University Council

Kafrelsheikh University council was held on Monday 24/11/2014 under the authority of the President Prof Dr Maged el Kemary and council members.

The council assures the following:

·         The participation of Kafrelsheikh University, represented by the president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary, in forum of the support of UNESCO for higher education in Egypt and Sudan and the meeting includes many topics such as the introduction of Nano science within curriculums in Egyptian Universities and the ways of supporting cooperation among Egyptian and Sudanese Universities as well as exchange of students and staff members.

·         The council assures that the university will organize a march entitled " no to party, no to terrorism" with the participation of the president, vices of presidents, deans, the vices of dean, employees and students at 11 am in the morning of Tuesday 25/11/2014 starting from the Faculty of Medicine and roaming the campus.

·         The council also agrees to form a committee under the authority of the dean of the Faculty of Commerce to study, prepare and take the procedures of establishing fund for private insurance (social solidarity) of General Authority for Insurance Supervisory

·         The council  agrees the following:

1)      Appointing in the position of professor:

A)    Dr Tarek Amin Youness Obaid, the Faculty of Agriculture, Poultry Production Department

B)    Dr Samir Youssef Abdo el Sannat, the Faculty of Agriculture, Food Industries Department

C)    Dr Gabr Abed el Wanis Nasr el Kit, the Faculty of Agriculture, Plant Diseases Department

D)    Amani Mohamed Shaker Mohamed, the Faculty of Specific Education, Art Education Department.


·         Appointing in the position of Assistant professor:

Dr Magid Hasan Goma Hamid, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Virology Department

·         Appointing in the position of Lecturer:

A)    Dr Siham Nabil Suliman Hussein, the Faculty of Commerce, Business Administration Department  

B)    Dr Yaser Zakaria Saied Ahmed el Shafie, the Faculty of Commerce, Accounting Department

·         The council also grant Doctorate in the following fields:


·         Granting PHD in Agricultural sciences:

A)    Dr Ali Ibrahim Ali Mohamed Masri, the Faculty of Agriculture, Vegetables Department


·         Granting PHD in Education:

A)    Dr Marwa Mohamed el Amir Ibrahim, the Faculty of Education, Mental Health Department


·         Granting PHD in Veterinary Medical sciences:

A)    Dr Awatif Hamid Saied Ahmed, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Fish Diseases Department

B)    Dr Amira Alaa el Deen Zakaria Mustafa Omar, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Fish Diseases Department.


·         Granting PHD in Arts:

Dr Nahid Mosa Abed el Latif Faraag, the Faculty of Arts, English Department


·         The council grants Master's Degree in the following fields:


·         Granting Master's Degree in Agricultural Sciences:

1)      Sabreen el Saied Abed el Atti Mohamed, the Faculty of Agriculture, Agricultural Mechanization Department

2)      Fathi el Saied Ali el Feki, the Faculty of Agriculture, Genetics Department

3)      Heba Mustafa Mohamed Mustafa, the Faculty of Agriculture, Economic Pesticides Department


·         Granting Master's Degree in Education:

1)      Hanan Mohamed Ahmed Heikal, the Faculty of Education, Curriculum and Teaching Methods Department


·         Granting Master's Degree in Veterinary Medical Sciences:

1)      Mohamed Hasan Hussein Sahlool, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Virology Department

2)      Wafaa Saied Ahmed Mohamed el Shazli, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Bacteriology, fungi and Immunology Department


·         Granting Master's Degree in Arts:

1)      Mohamed Modthar Ali Ibrahim el Abad, the Faculty of Arts, Philosophy Department

2)      Ahmed Motwali Khalil Morsi, the Faculty of Arts, Arabic Language Department

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