Kafrelsheikh University President: 30 June Revolution restores Egyptian State from its Hijackers

 The president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary mentions, during ceremony of students' reception in the Faculty of Engineering, that universities are the gateway used by terrorists to undermine the stability of Egypt and there are 20 million$  for some students called rebels for the demolition of Egyptian universities as means to destroy state.

He adds that the university mission is education, scientific research and community service, but education is targeted as it is the origin in the graduation of all professions needed by state as well as cadres which lead and defend the state. Education also is the shortest way for renaissance of any state.

As well, he mentions that we should have our national awareness as we all are in defense of our country.

Therefore, he assures that it is necessary to be cautious and not to pay attention to rumors as the most important tactics of fourth generation of wars is to spread lies and inflammatory messages through social networking sites until we destroy ourselves by our hands.

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