The Meeting of the President with the Students and Staff Members of the Faculties of Medicine and Dentistry

In the first day of the beginning of the new academic year, the president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary meets with the new students in the Faculties of Medicine and Dentistry in the presence of staff members within many meetings between the president, vices of president and deans with students in different faculties to introduce students about university, nature of university life, study system, programs of students' activities and of developing skills and services as well as correcting misconceptions among some students. 

In the beginning, he congratulates students for the new academic year and announces that after two revolutions, it is no longer acceptable to gag mouths and freedom of opinion is guaranteed for everyone under laws and university regulations so as not to lead to chaos. As well, he mentions that he would not be allowed to organize students' families on the basis of religion or party inside university as the students will not be busy with partisan differences and conflicts at the expense of learning, but the university is not a place to publicize for parties and university mission is education and scientific research. Otherwise, university is not battlefield, but it is orchard where mind blooms and an environment for thinking, innovation, creativity and substantive dialogue. Finally, he announces that the entry of politics inside Egyptian universities is one of reasons for the decline of performance inside university and delayed its classification and staff member should be independent until he can adjust among students and does not affect the performance of his/her duties.


We have to differentiate between the belonging of student to political party or intellectual party and the practice of an activity inside university on behalf of this party.

(Do not go out on the values of the university, whether verbally or logos or disable study or sabotage installations or writing offensive phrases on the walls of the university).



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