The President Meets with Students in the Beginning of the New Academic Year

Within the meeting held by the president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary with the old and newcomer students in the beginning of the new academic year, the president Prof Dr Maged accompanied by the vice president for education and students affairs Prof Dr Mohamed el Saeed Abu Walli and the vice president for post-graduation studied Prof Dr el Saied Hegazi meet with the students of Faculties of Specific Education, Veterinary Medicine and Science.

As well, he urges the students the need to focus on education, scientific research and participate in social activities such as solidarity fund, book support fund and different fairs as well as the need to maintain the cleanliness and aesthetic values ??within each faculty.

He also warned of rumors and thought misguided among students and on social networking sites and taken by the other a tool to break the Egyptian state, and the university in turn, will hold seminars and meetings in order to political education and correct some misconceptions among students to contribute all in the stability of the Egyptian state.

The president adds that any student does any riots or violence inside university will be terminated according to laws and regulations and university systems, pointing out that the portal of progress of any state in all fields begins from universities, the minds of its students.

 He calls the students to join the association of university hospital and encourage the culture of donation to equip the hospital.

Otherwise, Prof Dr Mohamed el Saeed Abu Walli mentions that an agreement has been signed between the university and governorate to allocate buses to transport students by discounted subscriptions of three lines.  He adds that health care is guaranteed to all students and announces that book support fund presents discount 50% of university book price until all students will benefit.

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