First scientific conference

Faculty of arts at kafr El-Sheikh University organizes the first scientific conference titled" folklore and the community issues" in the duration of (23-24 April 2012), as folklore is the mirror that reflects the culture of each society, and is considered the first line of defense in front of the possible risks of globalization and its cons, which requires reconsideration, detection and identification of the original roots of the deep values of the society.


The conference aims at achieving the following objectives:

* Shedding light on the reality of folklore.

* Highlighting the role of folklore in upholding the values of humanity.

* Disclosure of the role of folklore in building human personality.

* Establishing intellectual dialogue that will benefit the community.


Topics of the conference:

1- Beliefs and popular knowledge:

*Myths and supernaturalism.

*Superstitious beliefs like magic and sorcery- belief in consort- and belief in ghosts.

*Pessimism and optimism, No.13 and No.40

*Predictions for soothsayer, dreams and the universe.

*Spells and conjurations.

*Fairy tales.



2-Verbal oral literature or expressive literature through the spoken word that include:

* Lyrical folk arts: folk song, folk poetry, traditional stories and prose.

*Folk song, folktale singing (Mawal) and people's biography.

*Shortcut types: Proverbs, spoken riddles, jokes, and cynicism.

*Terms of daily life any everyday language and people's dialects.

*Cries and shouts.

*Religious recitation.

*Popular story singing in Upper Egypt


3-Non-verbal literature:

*Non-verbal expressions, facial expressions, body position and what it implies of social and psychological indications.

*Cognitive and affective aspects of proverbs.


4-Customs and folk traditions:

*Ritual habits of feasts and life cycles such as engagement, marriage, birth, weaning and death.

* Food rituals, rain, sun and moon rituals, defeat rituals, obedience and disobedience rituals.

*Seasons, official ceremonies, national, social, and religious processions.

All the tools and skills that people use:

*Construction of housing – fashion and traditional clothing.

*Habits and means of preparing food

*The means of cultivating land, methods of fishing, furniture, tools and barns design.

*All traditional industries.

*Tattoos and frescos

*Architecture and pottery

*Performing arts folk and popular music with popular machines.

*Sport and entertainment.


Participating in the conference:

-Faculty of arts, Kafr El-Sheikh University welcomes the participation of experienced researchers to contribute in the work of the conference by attendance or presenting theories and field studies in one of the themes of the conference.

-The conference will be held at faculty of arts, university of Kafr El-Sheikh on 23-24 April 2012.

-Three copies of the written research program (word document) shall be sent on a CD or DSC, font 14, writing 12*21, and the titles with font 16

-Researchers shall provide a summary in Arabic and another one in English of no more than one page by 31-12-2011, and the complete research shall not exceed 40 pages and should be sent by 15-1-2012 to professor chairman of the department of sociology and the president of the conference.

-The value of subscriptions in the conference with a research of 40 pages as follows:

*400 pounds for Egyptians, in addition to 10 pounds for each extra page

*400 dollars for Americans, in addition to 10 dollars for each extra page

*The value of subscribing in the conference without submitting a research is 50 pounds.

-Sending research and contributions: researches and contributions are sent to the president of research conference at faculty of arts at the deadlines to be accompanied by a phone number or mobile number, also the e-mail address may be proved, participants will be notified as soon as the review and acceptance.

Mailing address: Egypt, Kafr El-Sheikh province, university of kafr el-sheikh, faculty of arts, department of sociology

Subscriptions are supplied cash or by a government check to Prof. Dr. /Dean of the faculty of arts – University Of Kafr El-Sheikh.
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