Academic History

Academic Qualifications:

  • July 2011, PhD in linguistics from the Department of Linguistics and English Language, Lancaster University, United Kingdom.
  • July 2006, MA in Linguistics from the Department of English, Faculty of Arts, Tanta University, Egypt.
  • May 2003, Pre-Master coursework at the Department of English, Faculty of Arts, Menoufiya University, Egypt.
  • May 2002, BA in English from the Department of English, Faculty of Arts, Kafr El-Sheikh University, Egypt.
  • May 2000, BA in English from the Department of English, Faculty of Education, Tanta University, Egypt.

Academic Expertise:

Generally speaking, my academic expertise consists in systemic-functional and text linguistics -- narrowly in English written texts -- especially in the course of MA studies. My MA thesis focused on the different text-linguistic resources, namely lexical-cohesion devices, upon which the famous critic and post-colonial theorist Edward Said has pragma-stylistically drawn in his journalistic representation of the Arab-Israeli political conflict in the Middle East. This piece of (largely descriptive) discourse analysis has methodologically combined text-linguistics tools and the Hallidayan model of (ideational) systemic functional grammar.   

However, moving onto the British academia towards the fulfillment of my doctoral studies at the Department of Linguistics and English Language at Lancaster University in the UK, my expertise has been developed and expanded into critical discourse-analytical and corpus-based research, where I can professionally handle the following academic research areas:
  • critical discourse-analytical approaches, e.g. dialectical-relational approach (DRA), socio-cognitive approach, social-actors approach (SAA), discourse historical approach (DHA), and social-semiotic approach;
  • methodological symbiosis of critical discourse analysis and corpus methods;
  • collocations as potential nuclei of pragmatic fallacies in meta-religious and political discourses;
  • corpus computational tools, specifically WordSmith Tools (Scott 1996) and Wmatrix (Rayson 2009). 
Currently, as part of my post-doctoral studies, I am working on a triangulated model that integrates Saussurean structural semiotics, social cognition and corpus linguistics in a way that renders the mainstream structural version of semiotics more sensitive to the socio-cognitive context of discourse as well as more empirically informed. Thus far, the analytic scope of operationalising this model has been confined to politico-religious discourse.

Academic Courses & Training Modules:

Academic Courses at the Department of Linguistics & English Language, Lancaster University, UK (2009-2010):

  • LING421: Corpus Linguistics
  • LING433: Gender and Language
  • LING434: Pragmatics
  • LING435: Sociolinguistics
  • LING440: Critical Discourse Analysis
  • LING442: Introduction to Discourse Studies
  • LING450: Stylistics 
  • LING542: Qualitative Methods in Applied Linguistics
Training Modules at the Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences, Lancaster University, UK (2008-2009):
  • FASS510: Qualitative Methods in the Social Sciences  
  • FASS516: Thesis Writing Skills
  • FASS517: Discourse Analysis
  • FASS521: Writing for Publication
  • FASS522: Ethics in Social Research
  • FASS604: The Analysis of Culture 

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