Scientific Papers
List of Scientific Papers Presented By Prof. Gamal Ahmed Ali Elsayad

1- El-Sayad, G.A.; Mokhbatly, A.A. and Masry, Kh.I. (1996):
Evaluation Of Peritoneal Fluid Following Castration By Different Methods In Donkeys. 7th Sci. Cong. 17-19 Nov. 1996, Fac. Vet. Med. Assiut, Egypt: 704-716.

2- Seleim, M.A.; El-Sayad, G.A. Mokhbatly, A.M. and Saleh, N.S. (1998):
Detomidine Hydrochloride As A Chemical Restraint In Donkeys: In Comparison To Other Drugs. 8th Sci. Cong. 1998, Fac. Vet. Med. Assiut, Egypt: 718-733.

3- El-Sharaby, A. A.; El-Sayad, G. A. and Hammoda, A.K. (1998):
Experimental Rupture Of The Common Calcaneal Tendon In Small Ruminants. 4th Vet. Med. Zag. Cong. (26-28 August, 1998) In Hurghada: 528-536.

4- El-Sayad, G.A.; Abdel-Wahed, R.E. and El-Sharaby, A.A. (1998):
Regional Analgesia In The Goat:
I. Brachial Plexus and Sciatic Nerve Blockage. Alex. J. Vet. Sci., Vol. 14, No. 2: 139-155. August 1998.

5- Youssef, G.A.E. and El-Sayad, G.A. (1998):
Surgical Anatomy And Bone Flap Sinusotomy Of Maxillary Sinus In Mule (Equus Hinnus). Suez Canal Vet. Med. J. Vol. 1 (2): 443-454.

6- Ahmed,I. H.; El-Sayad, G. A. and Zaghloul, A. E. (1999):
Extirpation Of Lacrimal Gland And Third Eyelid With Special Reference To Their Effect On Schirmer Tear Tests In Donkeys. Suez Canal Vet. Med. J. Vol. 2 (1): 67-78.

7- El-Sayad, G.A.; Ahmed, I.H. and El-Mohdy, F. E. (1999):
Surgical Affections of the Tassels in Sheep and Goat with Special Reference to Their Surgical Anatomy and Histology. Suez Canal Vet. Med. J. Vol. 2 (1): 91-102.

8-Seleim, M.A.; El-Sayad, G.A.; Youssef, G.A. and Karouf, G.I. (1999):
Some Radiological Studies On The Postnatal Development And Fusion Of The Tuber Calcanei In Buffaloes (Bos Bubalis L). 1st Sci. Cong. Beni-Suef Vet. Med. J. Vol. 9, No. 3-B: 739-749.

9-Zaghloul, A.E.; El-Sayad, G. A. and Ahmed, I.H. (1999):
Surgical And Radiolographical Studies On The Monostomatic Sublingual Salivary Gland In Ruminant. 1st Sci. Cong. Beni-Suef Vet. Med. J. Vol. 9, No. 3-B: 727-737.

10– El-Sayad G. A.; Elgazzar, R.F. and Elsegaei, A. (2004): Evaluation of Acrylic Marbles For Interposition Arthroplasty in Reconstruction of Temporomandibular Joint in Goats. Egyptian Dental J., 50 (4), 1947-1965.

11- El-Sayad, G.A. And Fouda, T.A. (2004): Diagnosis and Surgical Management of Traumatic Affections of the Compound Stomach and Diaphragm in Buffaloes and Cattle. 7th Vet.Zag. Conference (21-23 July, 2004). 256-276.

12- El-Sayad, G.A. (2004): Surgical Repair of Mandibular Fractures with There Sequellae in Equine and Calves. Kafr El-Sheikh Vet. Med. J. 2 (1): 319-331.

13- Elgazzar, R. F.; El-Sayad, G. A.; Abdelhady, A. I. and Megahed, I. (2004): Using Autologous Platelet Rich Plasma to Improve Bone Healilng in Reconstruction of Non-Critical Mandibular Bone Defects. Egyptian Dental J., 50 (3), 1169-1187.

14- El-Sayad, G.A.;Seleim, M.A. and Atiba, A.S. (2003): Experimental Diagnostic Uses of Laparoscope in Dogs. Mansoura, Vet. Med. J. 6 (2): 143-165.

15- Seleim, M.A.;El-Sayad, G.A.and Asaker, M.A. (2002): Segmental Acupuncture Analgesia in Donkeys. J. Of Egyptian Vet. Med. Assoc. 62, No. 66: 293-309.

16- El-Sayad, G. A.; Zaghloul, A.E. and Karrouf, G.I. (2004): Clinical Assessment And Management Of Equine Wounds. KafrEl-Sheikh Vet. Med. J. 2 (2): 106-127.

17- Abdel-Wahed, R.E. and El-Sayad G. A. (2004): Clinical and Histopathological Evaluation of Tail Necrosis in Some Farm Animals. Kafr El-Sheikh Vet. Med. J. 2 (2): 93-105.


18-Ahmed, I. H.; Safwat El-M.; El-Sayad, G. A. and El-Boushy, M. E. (2001): Detomidine Sedation In Egyptian Goats.
Suez Canal Vet. Med. J. Vol. IV (1): 19-34.

19-Seleim, M. A.; El-Sayad, G.A. and Kamel, A. M. (2002): Ultrasonographic Diagnosis of Some Tendons and Ligaments Affections in Equine Limbs. J. of Egyptian Vet. Med. Assoc. 62, No. 6c: 323-338.

20- Marzok M, Tawfik M, El-Sayad G, Seleim M., (2011): New laparoscopic vasectomy techniques in dogs, Online J Vet. Res., 15 (4): 318-333,

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