Facilities and Equipments

1- Coating Unit

This unit can be used to glow a metal (gold, platina, palladium and others).

2- Programmable  Spin Coater

Vacuum chuck Spin Coater is  designed for material research lab to make quality sol-gel coating at easy and quick up to 8" diameter wafer. The spin speed is variable from 0-5000 rpm .

3- Solar Simulation Systems


Photovoltaic Cell Performance

Determining electrical performance of photovoltaic cells.

-Comparison of cell characteristics among group of cells or different cell designs.

-Repeated measurement of the same cell to study life cycle performance changes.


- Testing sunscreen efficacy.

Studying biological effects of solar radiation.

 Environmental Exposure Testing:

Evaluating the effect of solar radiation on various materials and finishes.

4- I-V Measurement Systems

An I-V Measurement System measures I-V curves of solar cells and calculates critical cell performance parameters including Short circuit current (Isc), Open circuit voltage (VOC), Fill Factor (FF), Maximum current (Imax), Maximum voltage (Vmax), Maximum power (Pmax), and Efficiency (n).

5- Shimadzu UV-VIS spectrophotometer


6-Thin Film measurements

The Thin Film measurement system is based on white light interference measurement to determine optical thickness. This white light interference pattern is translated through mathematical functions into optical thickness calculation. For single layer systems the physical thickness can then be calculated when the n and k values of the materials are known.

7-Electrodeposition System 

Electrodeposition has the following advantages over conventional methods;

(1) thickness and morphology of films can be precisely controlled by adjusting electrochemical parameters such as current or potential, (2) relatively uniform and compact thin films can be synthesized either on substrates of complex shapes or in column shaped material, (3) higher deposition rates can be easily obtained over conventional processing, and (4) the equipment required is inexpensive owing to the nonrequirement of either high vacuum or high reaction temperature.

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