Research Topics

The Nanotechnology and Renewable Energy Group (Nano-Group) focuses on the development and fabrication of a low cost photovoltaic solar cell (Nano-solar cell) and white light emitting diode (Nano-LED) utilizing the new properties of semiconductors and polymers when synthesized in the Nano-scale size. Future nano-electronic products require the development of new materials that are not currently available. Nano-Group consequently focuses their  research activities on materials and applications that show the potential to offer significant advantages over materials and products used today. In addition to investigating and characterizing new materials, Nano-Group is undertaking research on the integration of these materials into semiconductor products with nano-scale dimensions. 


Main Topics

  • Semiconductor nanowires for optoelectronic, magnetoelectronic and sensing applications.
  • Semiconductor microelectronic devices.
  • Growth of Zincoxide-based semiconductor nanomaterial systems.
  • Fabrication of Light emitting diode (LED) and Solar cells Devices.
  • Wet chemical growth of Zincoxide-based semiconductor nanomaterials
  •  Semiconductor characterization and device fabrication.
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