The conference is pertained to introduce and discuss technological achievements and innovations brought about through Teaching, Research and Development activities. Special emphasis is placed on the impacts of these attributes on “Technical and Functional Textiles” and “Textiles of Added Value”. The conference will provide plenary lectures, oral and poster presentations. Technical and commercial exhibitions will also be exercised. Delegates are invited to participate with papers on the following topics:


1. Advancement in Textiles Processing.

2. Biopolymers and Biotechnology.

3. Textiles for Medical Applications.

4. Comfort and Wellbeing.

5. Textiles Design, Fashion and Style.

6. Modelling and Simulation.

7. Sustainability, Environment and Clean Technologies.

8. Finishing Processes.

9. Color Science and Dyeing.

10. Benchmarking, Traceability, Textiles testing.

11. Textiles Education.

12. Fiber Physics and Textiles Mechanics.

13. Technical, Protective and Leisure Textiles.

14. Nanomaterials and Elictrospinning.

15. New Functional and Smart Textiles.

16. Surface Treatments of Fibers and Fabrics.

17. Nonwoven Textiles.

18. Composite Fabrics.

19. Nanotechnology, Nanotextiles,Nanoart.

20. Technics and Technologies in Mechanical, Agriculture and Transport Engineering.

21. Fashion and Textile Design and Technologies.

22. Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Automatics.

23. Computer Technology.

24. Energetics, Energy Efficiency, Architecture.

25. Food Technology.

26. Lifelong Learning.

27. Specific Sciences.

OFFICIAL LANGUAGE: English, Russian, Arabic


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