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اهلا ومرحبا بكم في قسم  علم الانسجه وبيولوجيا الخليه بكليه الطب البشري جامعه كفر الشيخ


 WELCOME to the web site of Histology and Cell biology Department of Kafrelsheikh Faculty ofMedicine.

Histologyis the science dealing with the study of cells, tissues, organs & organ systems at the light microscope and electron microscope levels. A strong component of this science is the tissue structure at the ultrastructural level and how it relates to structure-functional  relationships at the microscopic level. This is expressed at the cellular level in the                          morphology, abundance and intracellular location of the organelles. A careful study of the structure of any differentiated cell should allow you to make an educated guess as to what that cell’s main function is likely to be                                                                                                                                             

An important part of Histology is developing the skill of pattern recognition to identify the normal structural features of each organ. As the branches of science are complementary, developing the ability to look at any organ and decide whether its structure falls within normal parameters- at the histological level - is the fundamental key to diagnose any disease - at the pathological level of science.

From this point of view, the department of Histology and Cell biology in Kafrelsheikh Faculty of Medicine is concerned with providing a balanced theoretical and practical curriculum to allow students to develop skills necessary to efficiently practice medicine throughout their careers.

Prof.Dr.  Maha Abo Gazia                                                                                             



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