Publication Administration

Publication Administration:


Issuing leaflets, brochures, handbooks, and manuals that contain data, information, and university news and making them available inside and outside the university.



• Tracing and recording seminars and conferences held by the university and the various colleges so as to publish them as hard copy and electronically on the site of the university.                                                                 


Participating in the preparation and organization of workshops held by the e-learning project.


Making correspondence necessary for the production of electronic courses starting with the process of selection until the final output and this includes the following:



-All the necessary procedures needed for the initial adjudication.


The production process and its sessions



The requirements of the post-production process


-preparing for the payment of dues.


- Providing all the technical requirements (hardware - Spare parts for equipment and maintenance - stationery)


- Overcoming the obstacles and problems that occur during the process of preparing for courses.

-The permeation of E-learning culture




Establishing specialized center for translation from and into Arabic and other languages ??in conjunction with the faculty staff members and this center translates the following:


University publications

Records and the academic certificates of students


Translating booklets that give information about the university, its activities, and its achievements in other languages to benefit the members of scientific missions and scholarships as well as visitors from other universities.



- Reviewing the drafts made for the original documentations and giving orders of print