Computing Administration

Computing Administration:

Designing of records and statistical cards through which (data and information can be saved and retrieved, taking into account the development of these records and cards and saving them to be easily retrieved).

Taking part in laying down the systems and programs that ensure gathering, categorizing, and analyzing facts, data, and statistics concerning the various activities of the university and tracing the changes of information

Elevating the university administrative level via the automation of work systems that save effort, time, and costs.

-Developing the skills of the private and the public staff via training in information technology ICTT project.

 -Providing technical support and visual presentations for conferences, seminars and the University Council.

-Participation in Master and PhD discussions, events, and various activities held in the information and development center.

Entering data and coordinating with the administrations of the center in order to determine the final versions for computers.

Taking part in the training project on information systems and technology ICTT as follows:

The announcement of the of course dates

- Registering trainees' names and classifying them into groups

- Making a training plan for ICTT courses      

- Preparing timetables of the scheduled courses for trainers

-Making attendance sheets of the trainees and warning those who have not attended.


Following up through the process of training and adapting the training milieu in terms of equipment, hygiene, and various means of displaying the scientific/academic subject, and maintaining of training labs

- Distributing the training material among trainees


- Supervising the examination process in terms of trainees' categorization into groups according to lab capacity and the devices therein.


- Writing down the results of passing trainees and setting a date for the failing trainees in every subject.






Achievements of the administration

Database of the president/head of the university's decisions


·         .

The electronic documentation program


Database of the decisions of the general Secretary of the university league



Entering data and coordinating with the administrations of the center in order to output the final versions on the computer sets.



Taking part in the information system and technology training project as follows:



Note: This part (most of it) is repeated, so I have not translated it.




Making a training plan for ICDL courses



Making a questionnaire on/investigating the needs of the University Hardware and software