The center aims at:


·        Creating a database and comprehensive statistical information for all the activities of the university as well as updating their data continuously and regularly in order to meet the needs of the higher administration of the university to make the appropriate decisions in time.


• Identifying the needs and sources of information, collecting the data required for the University, analyzing and classifying it, and taking into account its periodical development.


 Documenting and keeping  information and tracking the new changes so as to retrieve them easily .


providing the stakeholders with data and the required statistical information about the university and its activities .


Surveying the  various developments in the field of statistics and seeking the application of modern methods and approaches in this field.

Developing and spreading statistical awareness of various levels among various administrations within the university .


Contributing to the fulfillment of  the two projects of the administrative information systems and the portal (electronic gate).


Gathering all the data needed for the two projects  from the colleges and the various administrations of the university.


Supervising those who enter data as well as ensuring the implementation of the recommendations concerning the work plan.



Receiving correspondence from the Supreme Council and presenting it to the trainers and participating in its  treatment and answering.


Supervising  the process of entering the data into the systems in order to highlight the  deficiencies  and addressing the stakeholders to make the necessary modifications.

Providing  all administrative requirements including ( stationery  and spare parts of machines)


 Participating in the monthly report of the projects and presenting it to the executive director and the Board of Directors of the University Development.