Faculty Mission

Faulty vision:
The faculty is seeking to improve the quality of the graduate, sophisticating his competence and professional potentials to reach the national standards of quality.
Faculty mission:
Providing a flexible learning environment that helps student creativity in various sport fields to ensure that the graduate is capable of competition in the scientific field as well as meeting the needs of labor market with emphasizing on excellence in scientific research and contributing with applied sciences in community services.

Faculty goals:
1- Preparing a physical education teacher for various educational stages.
2 -Preparing the specialist instructor in various sport activities.
3- Preparing a specialist in the fields of sport management, sport recreation and the sports of the handicapped.
4-Prepare a specialized in athletic health, athletic motion and athletic psychology.
5- To conduct studies and researches in various aspects of physical education.
6- The provision of scientific services and applications and improving the sport fields' workers as well as serving the local, Arabic and international environment.
7- To provide scientific advice as well as cooperation with governmental and civilian scientific, sport, and youth entities and institutions in Egypt or abroad in studying athlete issues to achieve the common goals in various areas of physical education.