Quality Assurance Unit Management

The faculty council No 73 agreed on Monday 11/3/2013 to form quality assurance unit management council according to schedule as the following:

1)    Prof Dr Ashraf Abed el Aziz Ahmed, the dean (head).

2)    Prof Dr Jamal Salama, the vice dean for postgraduate studies and research (member).

3)    Prof Dr Subhi Seraj, the vice dean for the affairs of education and students (member).

4)    Prof Dr Sheriff Taha, the vice dean for the affairs of community service and environment development (member).

5)    Prof Dr Ahmed Zainah, unit manager (member).

6)    Mr Ali el Sanfawi, the faculty secretary (member).

7)    The student Mustafa Abed el All. Students' union secretary (member).

8)    Mrs Rasha Jamal Shihaa, unit secretary (council secretary).