Supervision Committee

Sportive Kinesiology Department agrees to form supervision committee for Master's degree presented from the researcher Ahmed Mohamed Reda, administrator in sportive Kinesiology Department, by a thesis entitled "analytical study for some biomechanics indicators through some technical stages of triple jump and it relationship to digital level. As well, postgraduate studies committee agrees on Sunday 10/2/2013 to register research name and the committee is as the following:


Prof Dr Tarek Ezz el Deen Ahmed

The professor emeritus of track and field in sportive Kinesiology Department and the previous dean.


Prof Dr Omaima Ibrahim el Agmi Salih

The professor of Biomechanics in Fundamentals of Sportive Education Department, the faculty of Sportive Education (male) in Abu Kir, Alexandria University.

Dr Wahid Subhi Abed el Gaffar

Lecturer in sportive Kinesiology Department, Kafrelsheikh University