Master’s Degree

They will discuss Master’s degree for Dina Ezzat Mohamed Abdeen, the administrator in Sportive Training Department, on Tuesday 1/1/2013 by a thesis entitled “The impact of use of some special exercises on kata skills and the improvement of equilibrium for blind people”.

Discussion committee consists of:

1)    Prof Dr Abed el Aziz Ahmed, the professor of sportive training and the dean (supervisor and head).

2)    Prof Dr Emad Abed el Fatah el Sersi, the assistant professor of confrontation, Tanta University (supervisor).

3)    Prof Dr Ehab Mahamed el Baidawi, the professor of confrontation, Tanta University (discussant).

4)    Prof Dr Ahmed Mohamed Zainah, the assistant professor of confrontation in Sportive Training Department (discussant).