The Faculty Council Meeting

The faculty council wad held in council hall on Monday 10/12/2012 at 11 am under the authority of Prof Dr Ashraf Abed el Aziz Ahmed, the dean, in the presence of:

1)    Prof Dr Jamal Ahmed Salama, the vice dean for postgraduate studies.

2)    Prof Dr Subhi Mohamed Seraj, the vice dean for the affairs of students and education.

3)    Prof Dr Sheriff Ali Taha, the vice dean for the affairs of community service and environment development.

4)    Prof Dr Madiha Mohamed el Emam, the executive person of head of sport management department.

5)    Prof Dr Tarek Ezz el Deen Ahmed, the executive person of head of sport kinematics department.

6)    Prof Dr Adel Abed el Halim Haider, the representatives for Psychology department.

7)    Prof Dr Mohamed Wagih Sukar, the professor emeritus in sport psychology Department.

8)    Prof Dr Ashraf Ibrahim Abed el Kader, the executive person of sport training department.

9)    Prof Dr Abed el Halim Mustafa Okasha, the executive person for sport health sciences department.

10)  Prof Dr Mohamed Abed el Salam Abu Raya, the executive person of sport psychology department.

11)  Prof Dr Wahid Subhi Abed el Gaffar, the oldest lecturer in the faculty.

They invite:

·         Dr Ahmed Mohamed Zainah, the executive manager for quality assurance project.