Societal Developments Conference

Within the events of first international conference for sport creativity held on Thursday 8/11/2012 and entitled “The societal developments and its relationship to sport practice”. Its recommendations are:

1)    The new constitution should contain the role of the ministry of Sport and youth in providing the infrastructure and sport facilities to allow to all society classes to practice sport.

2)    It should contain the independence of civil sport organizations as clubs, sport unions and Olympic committee from governmental intervention except the financial and administrative supervision, besides these organizations have the responsibility to choose and rehabilitate talented people, organize and manage competitive sport and form the board of directors of sport club management.

3)     The sport men should participate in formulation constitution that organizes and plan for Egyptian Sport especially staff and assistant staff in the faculties of Physical Education.

4)    The study of societal developments that occurred in Egyptian society after 25 January revolution.

5)    The return of physical education lessons in the schools of primary and secondary stages.