For the Staff

       Prof Dr el Saeid el Nashar, the agent of the faculty for the affairs of post-graduation education announces that The British expert Dr Gregg Brelsford gave a lecture on Wednesday 22/2/2012 about the rights of intellectual property and the importance of its legitimization economically to make the interested staff and students benefit from it and to activate the role of technology and legitimize it to spread awareness among the staff about this modern technique.

     It is worth mentioning that Dr Brelsford lives in Egypt nowadays and works in the Egyptian Microsoft company as a technical expert in the field of intellectual property law and its legitimization for the Egyptian network of the creation technology, in the ministry of Justice and the other Egyptians governmental organizations.

     The meeting will be on Wednesday 22/2//2012 at 11 am in the hall 605 in the information and development center and everyone who has an interest in this field is honored to come to discuss with the expert in topics relating to creation or technology that their research reach, how to protect and legitimate it. Best wishes for everyone.