Department of Education Technology

Department of Education Technology


The Department of Education Technology is one of the most important departments in the faculties of education and Specific education But the look at him was narrow Some viewed education technology as simply devices, equipment and teaching aids, However, with the rapid development of the information technology era and the contemporary technologies and applications affected in all aspects of life developed with the concept of technology. education Technology is concerned with the application of scientific knowledge to solve scientific problems. Therefore, the technology of education means the systematic application of research and empirical theories on the processes of teaching and learning, learning resources, and the use of all human and non-human components in teaching and learning to address problems in order to improve the efficiency of education.
    Education technology has been affected by the massive development
Giving rise to the concepts and applications of new education technology, including e-learning and interactive multi-media via the Internet Integrated education, virtual education and mobile education, and learning of intelligent systems in the design and management of learning environments and other applications and innovations that have made education technology in a rapid and sequential way as the future of education.

The Department of Educational Technology at the Faculty of Specific Education at the University of Kafr El-Sheikh seeks to provide a number of programs and courses that contribute to achieving this concept and to work to educate students about the importance of employing the technology of education and training them on the principles and principles of design, management and evaluation of educational technology innovations so that education technology practices become an integral part of education processes

The department is supervised by Mrs.Pro.Dr / Amani Mohamed Shaker - Dean of the College

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