The inauguration of the Union Party


Under the auspices of

Prof. Dr. / Fawzi Ali Turkey President of the University 

Prof .Dr/ Adel Abdul-Halim Haider, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs

has the honor to

Prof. Dr. / Hussein Tawfiq Badrawy Dean and leading young people

Prof. Dr. / Magdi Hassanein Al-Jabari - Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs.

to invite college students To attend the inauguration ceremony of the Union and the end of student activities for the academic year2010/2011 on Tuesday, 14/06/2011 at twelve noon at lecture hall (3).

Dean and leading young people

Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs

Prof. Dr. / Magdi Hassanein Al-Jabari                                 Prof. Dr. / Hussein Tawfiq Badrawy