·         Established by ministerial by Resolution No 1187 in 15/10/1991.

·         The college began with four sections in the first band in 1991:  

1-   Department of Art Education  

2-   Department of Music Education

3-   Department of Home Economics

4-   Department of Education Technology


·         The second band of the Department of (Music Education) began with a limited number of the people of the province after their conversion from corresponding colleges.

·         In the following year 1992, Dr. Hussein Kamel Baha Elddin Minister of Education, approved the opening of a fifth Department (Educational Media (and in the third year the opening of a Department (Kindergarten)

·         At the beginning of the opening, The college operated one main building (A) consisting of five floors where the original house was the teachers' house (which has been cancelled) and has been prepared and equipped halls to Compatible the needs of the study process and comes the Department of Technology in the fourth floor computer lab and video lab and the Department of (Music Education) in the fifth floor.

·         In the next academic year 92/1993 was allocated a second building (b) consisting of four floors have been prepared and processed and allocated the fourth floor of the Department of Art Education, including photography and weaving halls.

·         The Department of Educational Information is in the third floor and physiological lab.

·         The second floor where there is the Department of Educational and psychological sciences as well as strips of lectures + lap of psychology.

·         The first floor included lectures and hall celebrations.

·         In 1993/1994, the executive and popular bodies agreed to maintain the allocation of Al Amal School adjacent to the college in order to complete the total of all their needs and the building was allocated to the departments of student affairs - commander of the Guards - field training - personnel affairs - accounting unit - the Secretary of the College.

·         Building (c) 1996 is equipped with the first floor of the Department of Financial Affairs and Youth Welfare and the second floor was dedicated to the needs of the study in addition to the library in the third floor.

·         The college has established a multi-purpose open sports stadium in cooperation with the Ministry of Youth and Sports to serve the students of the college and the educational and residential community.

·         At the end of 1994, an external exhibition building was constructed with a three-floors include halls to display the work of the students of the college with its different specialties.

·         In 1998, A presidential decree no.329 1998  on amending some provisions of the executive regulations of the law on the organization of universities to include the Faculty of Specific Education , University of Tanta as of the academic year 1998/1999.

·         The ministerial decree was issued no. 1085 dated 26/7/2000 issuing the internal regulations of the Faculty of Specific Education - Tanta University.