Distinct Presence of University in Competitiveness Conference

Under the authority of Arab economic unit council and the cooperation with Arab union for the protection of intellectual property rights, competitiveness conference as an engine for economic growth was hold and Kafrelsheikh University participates with four worksheets which won the approbation of participant Arab delegations who praised new renaissance in the university and its progress in classification over the Arab, African and international level.

Moreover, the vice dean for postgraduate studies and research Prof Dr Saied Hegazi represents the university in this conference and talks about the importance of applying  scientific and technological policies that glorify the role of science and technology in supporting competitiveness for national economy  as well as providing sufficient finance for firing up research and development policies.

On the other hand, the vice Dean Prof Dr el Saied el Nashar participates with research paper including the necessary of databases for small and middle projects in developing projects as well as presents support for the owners of projects and enhances information system of investments.

As well, Prof Dr Alaa Salim, the vice dean of the faculty of Science presents worksheet assuring the importance of patent and needs to see the latest developments in the field of technology besides starting with the end of others in this field. Also they should keep pace with technological progress.

Finally, Dr Lamia Lotfi, lecturer in the faculty of specific education, presents research worksheet about quality and competitiveness, notifying that they should use the most modern comprehensive quality management systems such as sigma 6 in all sectors as Arab countries characterized by unity of language, origin and history to be able to develop investment environments and the support if special sector organizations inside and outside is support for Arab economy.