The Third International Conference

The faculty organizes the third international conference for textile (SMARTEX-2013) on 19-23 November 2013. As well, many scientific topics will be discussed by many scientists, from 42 countries around the world from universities and international institutions in the fields of textile, clothes and complementary industries for discussion new developments, scientific and technological innovations, fashion and marketing.

On the other hand, this scientific event will focus in discussing new innovations and trends for advanced technology, production stages and processes as well as its different production combinations, its economic returns and environmental dimensions.

The themes:

1)    Advanced processes in textile.

2)    Polymer and biotechnology.

3)    Textiles and medical applications.

4)    Comfort and affluence.

5)    Textile design and fashion models.

6)    Modeling and emulation.

7)    Continuity and clean technology.

8)    Dyeing and color science.

9)    Measurements and tests.

10)  Textile culture.

11)  Nature of fiber and textiles mechanism.

12)  Technique, prevention and comfort in textiles.

13)  Nanomaterial and its application in spinning.

14)  Smart textiles.

15)  Surface treatments for fibers and fabrics.

16)  Non-woven fabrics.

17)  Compost fabrics and its applications.