Students' Union Elections

The dean Prof Dr el Saied Abdu Salem and the vice dean for the affairs of education and students Prof Dr Amani Mohamed Shaker invite students to vote for elections on Sunday 3/3/2013 in building B in auditorium 3.

·         Supervision committee (the first year):

1)    Dr Eman Eid Shibl

2)    The student el Zahara Saad Abu el Gadanbl, the fourth year (general technology).

3)    The student Ahmed Ibrahim Mohamed Shehata, the fourth year (computer technology).


·         Supervision committee (the second year):

1)    Dr Eman Rihan

2)    The student Eman Abed el Wahab el Babli, the second year (home economics)

3)    The student Sawsan el Shamli, the second year (educational media).