The dean and the youth pioneer Prof Dr el Saied Abdu Salem and the vice dean for the affairs of education and students Prof Dr Amani Mohamed Shaker congratulate the participant students in theatrical show on Monday 10/12/2012 at 6 pm as the following:

1)    The third place in Acting (females), the student Aya Ahmed Abdu el Sotohi

2)    The third place in Acting (males), the student Abed Allah Ramadan Ezzat Gab Allah.

3)    Excellence certificate in Acting for the student Jihad el Mosri.

4)    Encouragement certificate in Acting for the students: Suliman Mohamed Ali, Islam Ramadan Abed el Aziz and Doaa Abed el Gani el Saied Abed el Gani

5)    Encouragement certificate in Directing for the student Mohamed Alaa Awni.

6)    Excellence certificate in Designing brochure for the student Abed el Monaim Abed Allah el Sukari.

7)    Excellence certificate in Singing and music for the students: Reem Mahmoud Abu el Fotoh and Asmaa Abed Allah Abed el Azim.