Doctorate Registration

Music Education Department is honored to invite you to attend seminars on Monday 26/11/2012 at 10-11 am in the department for Doctorate registration for the following:

1)    The researcher Amira Hesham Okasha, an assistant lecturer in Music Education Department, will register PHD (specialism: Arab Music) by a thesis entitled “The Arab song in the third quarter of the twentieth century and the benefit from it in enriching Arab music curriculum” as the supervisor is Prof Dr Nabil Mahmoud Abed el Hadi, the professor emeritus of Arab Music and the dean of the faculty of Music Education, Hilwan University.

2)    The researcher Zainab Fouad Amin el Zayaat, an assistant lecturer in Music Education Department registers PHD (specialism: curriculum and teaching methods) by a thesis entitled “The effectiveness of music program based on Kurt strategies for the development of think skills for the student in Primary Education Department as the supervisor is Prof Dr Soaad Abed el Aziz Negla, the professor emeritus in the faculty of Kindergarten, Cairo University.