A Competition in the National Social Research

There is a competition entitled “The leading role of Egypt in African and Arab region after 25 January revolution” in the national social research organized by the general management for youth care, social activity management for the academic year 2012/2013.

The terms of competition:

1)    The research should be printed, not be more than 30 pages and one should take into account scientific research curriculum.

2)    The student should be registered in the academic year.

3)    The topic should be creative, immovable and is not published before or presented in any other competitions.

4)    The research should be supported by statistics and references.

5)    It should be presented by accredited participation form and university card 2012/2013.

6)    It should contain the name of student, faculty, academic year, telephone and student’s address as well as one copy of ID card and university card for the year 2012/2013.


The competition prizes:

1)    The first place: 300 pounds.

2)    The second place: 250 pounds.

3)    The third place: 200 pounds.

4)    The fourth place: 150 pounds.

5)    The fifth place: 100 pounds.


The works should be sent until 10/2/2013 for the general management for youth care, social activity and trips management.

For more information, please visit youth welfare department