The Council

Prof. Dr./ Amr Mohamed Beltagy

Dean of the faculty

Prof. Dr./ Ahmed Ibrahim Khudair

Vice dean for education and students’ affairs

Prof. Dr./ Alaa Mohamed Salim Kamel

Vice dean for post-graduation studies and research

Prof. Dr./ Samaa Mohamed El-Said Bakr

Vice dean for community service and environment development

Prof. Dr./ Noura Fathallah Ghanim

Professor, Head of zoology department

Prof. Dr./ Osama Mohammed Abu Saada

Professor, Head of mathematics department

Prof. Dr./ Ashraf Abd El-Hamid El-Shahawy

Professor, Head of chemistry department

Dr. / Osama Zid Ibrahim Nagy

Assistant professor, Head of physics department

Dr./  El-Metwaly Mohamed Lebda

Assistant professor, Head of geology department

Prof. Dr. / Eatmad Mahmoud Zanaty

Emeritus professor at zoology department

Prof. Dr./  Mohsen Mohamed Mosaad

Emeritus professor at physics department

Prof. Dr./  Hussein Tawfiq Badrawi

Emeritus professor at geology department

Prof. Dr./  Mohamed Lotfy Hussin

Emeritus professor at mathematics department

Prof. Dr./  Abdulmutallab Massad Ramadan

professor at chemistry department

Dr. / Nahed Hussein Mohamed Shebini

Assistant professor at geology department

Dr. / Aziza Souliman Kholi

Lecturer at Plant department

Mr. Director of Quality Assurance Unit ( as )