Physical Therapy for Pediatrics and Its Surgery

 Strategic Plan for The Department of Physical Therapy for pedaitrc department

of the faculty of physical therapy at Kafr El-sheikh University should be featured at the local, national and international level. That has been recognized continuous development priority for the dissemination of knowledge, science and civil society institutions services especially institutions involved in the system of health treatment.


Excellence in providing a program for the development of specialities they can practice a successful career path in the field of physical therapy for pediatrics department , and provide a therapeutic level of professional services , taking into account the ethics of the practice of the profession and capital growth for the department private and the collage public. Also, must interest in using therapeutic applications of technology and the contribution of the program's activities in raising the efficiency of the therapeutic system at the national level and actively participate in community service.


The targets of the program agree with strategic targets college represented in the:

 Maintain competitive advantages and raising the efficiency of the institutional performance of the department.

 Commitment to implement and evaluate and follow up implementation of quality standards.

 Increase the competitiveness of students.

 Human capital development.

 Development and support of the community and the environment service.