Physical Therapy for Orthopedic Surgery



Physical Therapy Department of Skin and Integumentary System, Faculty of Physical Therapy, Kafrelsheikh University seeks to gain access to the international accreditation, which elevate the Faculty to the ranks of high level medical schools in the treatment and rehabilitation of surgery, burns and skin and beauty care and obesity, which is characterized by its excellent graduates with scientific and practical competitiveness on the national and international levels.


Create an environment for the deployment of quality and hygiene concepts and continuing pushing the process of improvement of institutional development for students and graduates in all axis, according to local and regional benchmarks in line with mission and vision of the college and achieve satisfaction and harmony with national accreditation requirements.


• Teamwork.   

• Professionalism.

• Commitment and Responsibility.    

Innovation and Creativity.


• Islamic Values.

Strategic Goals

 To maintain the competitive advantages and increase of the efficiency institutional performance of the department.

 Recognize and reward teamwork, interdisciplinary, entrepreneurial activities, and teaching innovation.

 Obligation to implement and evaluate and follow up the implementation of quality standards.

 Enhance the visibility of the department. Reaching the community by inviting and visiting the students from top high schools to promote and explain what is Physical Therapy and the department can give the students.

 Promote research and encourage creativity and invention.

Development and strengthening of community service and environment development.

Department Staff Members

Dr. Ahmed Mahmoud Kadry (lecturer)

Ass. Lec. Saly Mossad Kamer (Assistant Lecturer)

Ass. Lec. Ibrahim Zidan (Assistant Lecturer)