Physical Therapy for Women Health



Our vision is to be the provider of choice for health care and health information  in field of women health and  Leadership at the local and regional level, valuable study of women's health in order to excel academically and research and in community service


Department of Women's Health is designed to prepare and teach students to study the health problems of women during adolescence, the reproductive  and postmenopausal period and graduation creative students  in conducting scientific research and  to contribute effectively to the healthy and development of society


1- Provide qualified graduates in the appropriate care for women through the stages of life.
2- Provide graduates with the ability to deal with the physiological and psychological changes in women's lives.
3-The student is able to use relevant training equipment with obstetric and gynecological cases efficiently and safely.
4- To consider the moral, ethical and legal issues regarding the practice of physical therapy in the obstetrics and gynecology field.


5- Establish a large number of researches that serve developing of knowledge in physical therapy for women health.