The Objectives

The faculty aims to graduate students able to present health care for citizen, family, community as well as environment service in the case of health and disease through:


1)      Meeting the demand for Egyptian health sector from the graduates of Physical Therapy.

2)      The preparation of students for showing the skills of appropriate contact, solving problems and critic thinking.

3)      The preparation of students who have the level of clinical efficiency and patient health at the highest level of clinical field.

4)      Being assure that every student of post-graduation should have a concept about the importance of values and learning experts.

5)      The development of tools and strategies of management for dealing with international standards.

6)      The analysis of obstacles that hinders the development of management performance with continuous evaluation according to global standards.

7)       The improvement of effectiveness of students' performance as result of education development.

8)      Benefiting from continuous education strategy for the achievement of education effectiveness according to needs of community.

9)      The achievement distinguished level of scientific researches in the field of Physical Therapy and the rehabilitation of disabled children according to environmental needs.

10)  Providing educational programs which agree with national, regional and international standards.

      11) The development of human resources characteristics including the improvement of different scientific specialists in the field of rehabilitation and administrative skills