1-Within academic university restructuring for the completion of its faculties, meeting the needs of Kafrelsheikh for specialists in the field of physical therapy and achieving comprehensive health care system, the Faculty of Physical Therapy is established by the republic resolution No 595 for the year 2013.

2-The university specifies a new building consisting of six floors inside campus in front of the Faculty of Medicine.  

3-The president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary supervised by himself over faculty establishment and furnishing offices, halls and laboratories, took the responsibility of preparing social and economic feasibility study as well as academic schedule. It agrees the transfer of staff members and assistant lecturers from the Faculty of Physical Therapy in Cairo University to the faculty.   

4- The study begins in the academic year 2013/201

5-In the first year, the faculty receives 179 students through coordination office bytotal 395.50 from 410