vision and mission


Our vision

1.                  To graduate doctors content with the unique nature of cultural and scientific outstanding commitment & drive for progress in various branches of study and knowledge.

2.                  To be a senior member to meet health needs of the whole through cooperation with Public health, educational programs, & entities emergency service & other governmental agencies to assess the adverse effects caused by the registry.

Our massage and strategies

3.                  Provide Programs & supporting Services, transparent in quality, cost and timeliness and best suited to the needs of the patient,


4.                  To be a leader and innovator in the field of forensic medicine & clinical toxicology at local, national and international levels.


5.                  To involve the community, funders and other health providers in clinical policy making and in turn be involved in relevant activities locally, nationally and internationally,


6.                  To train young health professionals to be future service and academic clinical leaders and promote the skills of established health professionals.


    Forensic Medicine & Clinical Toxicology Department