1) Graduation and preparation of a general practitioner who is capable of continuous self-learning, aware of the health needs of the community, capable of following up on learning and scientific research and committed to the ethics and ethics of the medical profession.

2) Preparing trained graduates on the basis of managing and ensuring the quality of medical services in the first level of health care

3) Education and training to develop students' abilities to participate in the healthy development of society

4) Continuous and self-learning for doctors, nurses and other health workers in the field of medicine and medical sciences.

5) Promote preventive health behavior in society.

6) Provide high quality health services in the gradual levels from level I to III.

7) Providing therapeutic services to a wide range of citizens through the establishment of specialized university hospitals.

8) Prepare and prepare the doctor to follow the specialized graduate studies and carry out the scientific research and the principles of scientific research and its rules and means and commensurate with the needs of the state in general and the region of Kafr al-Sheikh in particular and development plans.

9) To contribute to the continuous training and academic training and training courses and to train the basic skills necessary to provide distinguished health services to the community.