Special News
During Deans Council….Dr Dousoki Stresses the Importance of Activities and Expanding the Base of Student Participation and Attracting International Students

 Today Monday 9/3/2020, Prof Dr Abed El Raziq Dousoki heads Deans Council Meeting in the Presence of the vice President for post-graduation studies Prof Dr Hasan Youness, the vice president for community services and environment development Prof Dr Reda Salih, the deans and Secretary-General Mr Mustafa Rizq.


As well, the President confirms the importance of activities, expanding the base of student participation, working on attracting international students, providing an attractive educational and research environment, periodic review of regulations and curriculum and updating them in line with the requirements of the labor market, achieving quality standards in the educational and research process, starting the preparation of annual reports for all faculties in preparation for preparing the annual report of the university and following up the work of building maintenance, scientific devices and equipment of laboratories.