Special News
The President Inspects the University Campus and Listens to the Views and Suggestions of students at the University Student Housing Restaurant

Today Sunday 8/3/2020, the President Prof Dr Abed El-Raziq Dousoki, accompanied by Prof Dr Hasan Younes, the vice president for post-graduation studies and research and Prof Dr Reda Salih, the vice president for community services and environment development, inspects the university campus and during the tour, they inspect many buildings and facilities and meet some male and female students.

As well, he inspects the university student-housing restaurant to reassure about the regularity and efficiency of services, the method of preparing food and nutrition provided to students, the quality of nutrition meals and overcoming any obstacles for the service of students in the presence of Dr Tariq El-Mulla, Director General of the General Administration of University Student Housing and Nutrition.

As well, he stresses on the general hygiene, overcoming any obstacles facing them, the necessity to adhere to the quality standards and providing a decent service to the students, directing the workers in the field of nutrition to preserve the health of students.


The President also explains that the university’s central restaurant has been developed and expanded to meet the growing demand from students for admission to the university, adding that the restaurant has also been provided with the latest equipment and raise efficiency for all facilities to allow better service to students at the university and confirming his keenness to communicate directly with male and female students in all faculties and to listen to their suggestions, opinions and ideas.