Special News
Kafrelsheikh University Wins the Second Place and the Silver Medal in the Fifth Egyptian Girls’ Week at Fayoum University within Cultural Activities Competitions

 Today Thursday 6/2/2020, the President Prof Dr Abed el Raziq Dousoki announces that the two students of  Faculty of Specific Education, Amina Wael Mohammed Fouad and Amani Metwally Abed El-Thahir Ali, won the second place and the silver medal within the competitions of cultural activity in the "Wall Magazine Competition" during their participation in the Fifth Egyptian Girls’ Week, organized by Fayoum University, in the presence of Dr Ahmed Al-Ansari, Governor of Fayoum; Dr Ahmed Jaber Shedid, the President of Fayoum University and the Presidents of Egyptian universities, the vice presidents and the female students during the period from January 31 to February 6 with the participation of 4 thousand students from 25 governmental universities.

As well, the President Prof Dr Abed El-Razik Dousoki expresses his happiness for the victory of the two students, confirming that the university's strategy is based on discovering and supporting talented students and encouraging them in various fields to preserve and raise their talent them to create a new generation of young and creative talents.

Dr Dousoki also confirms that the university works to refine the capabilities of its students and develop their skills via activities that aim to achieve excellence and leadership for its students to enhance belonging and national identity.

Otherwise, he adds that the university pays great importance to student activities and participates in various competitions, confirming the university’s keenness to provide the care and support necessary for students for excellence and that the university stands behind its students participating in various competitions.