Special News
Kafrelsheikh University Participates in the First Sportive Forum for International Students……Entitled “Study in Egypt”

 Under the authority of Prof Dr Abed el Raziq Dousoki, the university participates in the first sportive forum for international students in Egyptian Universities, organized by Suez Canal University under the patronage of the minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research in cooperation with the Central Administration for International Students at the Ministry of Higher Education during the period from January 31 to February 4, 2020.

It is worth noting that the university mission is headed by Prof Dr Hassan Younis, the Vice President for Postgraduate Studies and Research. The international Students from universities are participating in the games of five-a-side football, basketball, volleyball, athletics and tennis table on the Suez Canal University stadiums, in addition to an educational program on the sidelines of the forum to visit national projects in Ismailia Governorate, “Tunnels of Long live Egypt, the New Ismailia and New Suez Canal”.

As well, the President stated that it was prepared to participate in the first sportive forum in cooperation between International Students Office and the General Department of Youth Welfare and that the University is keen on representing Kafrelsheikh Governorate in a way that reflects its culture.

Dr Dousoki confirms that the importance of cultural communication among international students, studying at the university, comes in line with the directives of the political leadership on the need to open a new horizon with Africa and an affirmation of the need to provide them with full support to consolidate friendship with these countries, praising the spirit of cooperation among all students from different countries and cultures.


Otherwise, the president explained that the university administration considers foreign students as ambassadors of the university in their countries and the university seeks to attract them and integrate them with Egyptian students in the university community in addition to caring for the artistic and cultural activities presented to them to achieve communication between civilizations, exchange experiences between students and disseminate their cultures because cultural diversity is a means of acquaintance and integration among peoples.