Special News
Universities Youth Training Initiative with ITI Institute

Under the patronage of the President Prof Dr Abed el Raziq Dousoki, the university organizes, in cooperation with ITI Institute affiliated to the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Universities Youth Training Initiative “Aafaq” on the latest technological programs "innovegypt" that will qualify them for labor market and entrepreneurship. This initiative will target students of Faculty of Computers and Information in the field of developing personal and administrative skills and other skills necessary for labor market to promote the educational and electronic level of the students and to improve their capabilities in line with the requirements of local and global labor market. The student should choose one of the following specializations:

“Open Source- Systems Development- Social media marketing”

As well, the President mentions that this initiative aims to implement the initiative of the President of the Republic “million programmers” to train young people to master the programming language to contribute to providing opportunities, stimulating innovation and the industry of positive change.

He adds that this training comes within the university plan to qualify and train its students to be ready to come up with the rapid changes and renewable requirements in the labor market at the local and global levels and prepare them for future jobs for the service of the community.