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The President: “Education Forum” Reflects Egypt’s Status regionally and internationally

The President Prof Dr Maged el Kemary participated in the first global forum for higher education and scientific research entitled “future begins from here” and organized by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in the presence of scientists and researchers from around the world.

As well, Prof Dr Maged el Kemary said, “Egypt restores its role and its regional and international status with the vision and directives of the wise political leadership”, adding that Egypt hosts educational experts from 55 countries to meet with youth from Egyptian and Arab universities to exchange knowledge and experiences and discover talents.

Otherwise, he points out that Kafrelsheikh University welcomes the opening of cooperation with all academic and educational institutions around the world, stressing on the activation of the initiative of the President Prof Dr Abed el Fatah El Sisi to discover talented students in various scientific fields.