Special News
El Kemary’s Speech….to Young Egyptian Universities

Within the events of the 12th Universities Youth Week hosted by Kafrelsheikh University on 2-9 February 2019 under the patronage of the Minister of Higher Education Prof Dr Khalid Abed el Aziz and the Minister of Youth and Sports Prof Dr Ashraf Subhi, the President Prof Dr Maged el Kemary said that the challenges that the country faces are great at all levels politically, and socially and require the efforts of all Egyptians to be aligned. Every passing day, we notice rapid steps in the establishment of giant projects of cities and universities, hospitals and new faculties, roads and ports, reforming institutions and raising the efficiency of infrastructure, the provision of health services and the involvement of youth in the country service is undoubtedly a wise policy followed by the political leadership to restore Egypt its appropriate status among all countries of the world. As well, el Kemary urges young people to be on the responsibility and to get out of the circle of despair to the horizons of work, to be a permanent reminder of being belonging and loyal to the homeland and to invest their efforts, energies, promising ambitions and constructive ideas to develop their capabilities in a positive manner and cope up with the rapid technological development to be ready to deal with all the requirements and tools of the future digital economy.


On the other hand, el Kemary cautioned the young people against rumors and destructive ideas and they should not accept any idea or news until they discern its validity, source and aims. The fastest tools of vandalism is the destruction of morality because it is the fastest way to demolish society as they can connect with youth in their bedrooms via social media to destroy their morals and falsify their awareness and facts. He also directs them to benefit from their civilized, historical and religious heritage for future industry as the Egyptian land embraced multiple civilization which preceded civilizations and people of the world.