Special News
Kafrelsheikh University Launches Nabadaat Initiative for Pediatric Heart Surgeries

 According to directives of the President Abed el Fatah el Sisi, the university organizes Nabadaat Initiative for conducting congenital heart diseases for open heart and cardiac catheters for children for free in the university hospital on 16-24 September 2018 in cooperation with the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Humanitarian and Charity Establishment at United Arab Emirates.

Dr Maged el Kemary mentions that both the university and establishment receive medical reports until the first of September with a maximum of 150 cases with precedence of booking. The university will receive cases starting from 16 September 2018 and will bear travel costs from other governorates.

As well, he adds that this initiative includes Arabs and Africans residents in Egypt. The operations will be conducted by a specialized team of cardiologists from Kafrelsheikh University and United Arab Emirates in heart operation room at the university hospital, which is one of the most modern university in the world.