Special News
President of Kafrelsheikh University: "Forming a committee to analyze and implement the recommendations of the University Youth Conference"

 On Tuesday, 31/7/2018, the Council of Kafrelsheikh University praised the recommendations of the 6th National Youth conference, for two days at Cairo University and announced      2019 the year of education to promote education, and place it in its proper place. President of the University said that President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi announced several recommendations, concerned with education and development and increasing interest in cultural, sports and social activities in Egyptian universities.

Prof. Elkemary decided to form a committee of faculty members to analyze the recommendations of the Sixth University Youth Conference, announced by President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi at the end of the conference, and propose effective ideas and mechanisms for implementing these recommendations.  In order to ensure the effective and fruitful contributions of Kafrelsheikh University, in accordance with the best international practices, thus contributing to the strengthening of their developmental and community roles.

Elkemary stressed that human development is the cornerstone of the comprehensive development process. This development comes only through education based on the development of scientific content and enhancing the partnership between Egyptian and foreign universities to increase the opportunities of benefiting from other scientific and educational experiences.

Elkemary  also referred to some of the other recommendations of the conference concerning the universities, including the launching of the national project for the development of the new Egyptian education system, the assignment of the prime minister in coordination with all the concerned authorities, to link the plans and research projects in Egyptian universities with the needs of the state and society; The State, in its respective spheres of competence, as well as the establishment of nurseries for innovation and innovation under the auspices of the Supreme Council of Universities, provide the necessary support to innovators in all fields, as well as the responsibility of universities for excellence in education and upgrading students and develop morals and instilling values ??of national belonging, to form their awareness properly, side by side with awareness of the problems and challenges facing Egypt.