Special News
Applying for competency tests for the faculties of specific education and sports education

Applying for the  Faculty of specific  education (arts and music), and the faculty   of physical education and Music Education) and the Faculty of Physical Education , Kafrelsheikh  University competency tests started on Tuesday 3/7/2018 at  09:00 am. Candidates names are recorded electronically on the general secondary school certificate site . 

Prof. Alkemary, President of the University, said that the first test was held yesterday . The other tests will be held on Saturday 7/7/2018.-Alkemary  said that the first test time  is 45 minutes, Intelligence , general information and skills (drawing - design) for arts education and (audio - rhythm - singing) for music education,  and stated that these tests are marked electronically in order to apply transparency and justice among the applicants.